Our Vision

Strategati’s vision is to provide customized strategies to help small businesses and their management transcend to the next level of sustainable growth and profitability.

Strategati is an innovative company providing top-quality strategy and management consulting services to small businesses and educational institutions. We are also offering educational services and seminars to professionals, executives, and company staff. With a purpose driven mission, Strategati focuses on helping small businesses and their management with its competitive advantage of innovative ideas, high quality standards, and proven results. Many strategic management tools do not fit small businesses as they were designed for large corporations with extensive capital and human resources. Furthermore, different situations and environmental conditions require a different approach for a company to be successful which is essential in the case of the small business. That’s were Strategati closes the gap by providing customized strategic solutions based on the client’s external and internal environment and core competencies. Our consultants work in close relationship with the client on a long-term basis to assess the situation, formulate a new strategy, and to ensure the implementation of such strategy while addressing new problems and ideas.

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