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Strategati is an innovative company that helps small businesses transcend to their next level of sustainable growth and profit.

With a passionate and dynamic team, Strategati attempts to transform small businesses by consulting, educating, and investing in such companies. Strategati uses a completely new method to consulting by analyzing a company’s effectiveness and efficiency and incorporating various different strategies for an overall approach to provide the small business with a results oriented plan and tailored implementation services.

Moving You Forward

Strategati’s team work in close relationship with the client on a long-term basis to assess the situation, formulate a new strategy, and to ensure the implementation of such strategy while addressing new problems and ideas.

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Strategy and Management Consulting Services

Strategati offers customized strategy and management consulting services to small businesses and educational institutions in the US and around the world.

Educational Services

Strategati offers educational services and professional development seminars in business strategy, management and international business to business owners, their staff and management professionals as well as executive coaching for small business owners.


Strategati uses its own capital to invest in existing companies by providing loans and acquiring equity ownership.