Recent Insights

Small businesses make up the majority of the U.S. economy by accounting for about 99% of employers, hence, playing an important role in the growth and prosperity of the U.S. economy. Although the overall outlook on the economy has steadily improved over the past few years, many small businesses still feel the impact of the Great Recession and haven’t fully recovered yet. Strategati cares about the success of each individual firm which, in return, will contribute to the U.S. economy and provide invaluable customized strategies to help firms transcend to their next level of profitability and sustainability. We understand the uncertainties and complexities small business owners must manage, and make it our purpose to help small businesses succeed no matter the condition of their external environment.

A small business differentiates itself from the large corporations by its size, revenues, less hierarchy, centralized decision making, and limited financial and human resources and, as a consequence, is often more susceptible to changes in its environment. The small business’s ability to interact with its environment has an effect on its survival; therefore, it is even more important for the small business to incorporate clear and precise strategic planning accessible to all employees rather than foregoing it for the daily demands as many small businesses do. Assessing the environment, identifying gaps, and focusing on its goals and objectives enables an organization to develop its competitive advantage and participate in the global economy. The uncertain, unpredictable, and complex environmental turbulence represented by bubbles, crises and, disruptive technologies has been rapidly increasing in the last decades, and in such a globalized world such is to be expected; thus, organizations must be on the lookout and their leaders adaptive and flexible to meet these challenges. Large organizations have resources assigned for environmental scanning and strategic planning, and many have extensive financial resources to manage in times of environmental turbulence and economic recessions. However, many small businesses lack such resources and depend even more on proper strategic planning to prepare for an unpredictable future.

Many strategic management tools do not fit small businesses as they were designed for large corporations with extensive capital and human resources. Furthermore, different situations and environmental conditions require a different approach for a company to be successful which is essential in the case of the small business. That’s were Strategati closes the gap by providing customized strategic solutions based on the client’s external and internal environment and core competencies. We work in close relationship with the client on a long-term basis to assess the situation, formulate a new strategy, and to ensure the implementation of such strategy while addressing new problems and ideas.